Who Said It?

Be Content, 
Clean Your Teeth,
Make Sure Your Breath Don't Stink


Kathy Burke


(National Fucking Treasure)

The TNTBAC Motto

Life is tough, people are jerks, I keep biting the inside of my mouth & no one seems to care.
You're alive, you have a running water, sanitation, vaccines & if you're reading this, you have access to the internet too.
 Things could be worse, so the least you can do is smile, laugh, be nice, and


What Is It?

In a world where no one is pleasant for its own sake, where people have forgotten their privilege and where kindness is a rare quality, TryNotToBeACunt.com is a quick stop reminder to be nice, to not take things too seriously, and to lighten the fuck up. 



TNTBAC was started during lockdown 1.0 as an Instagram feed and offshoot from my personal account; basically, if it made me chuckle, it got made into a post for Instagram, and got shared with the world. Eventually I decided to make it into a website. 

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