Who Said It?

Be Content, 
Clean Your Teeth,
Make Sure Your Breath Don't Stink


Kathy Burke

(National Fucking Treasure)


What Is It?

Try Not To Be A Cunt .com  is an Instagram feed and portfolio of work containing photography, graphic art, illustrations, satire, humour and general nonsense from @JoeTheDouglas (me). 

It was started during lockdown 1.0; basically, if it made me chuckle, it got made into a post for Instagram, and got shared with the world. The scale of the work grew to the extent that I decided to make it into a website. And here you are. 


Some of the content is more risqué than others, but everything is meant in good humour. So if you don't like it, go away and clutch your pearls elsewhere - I'm not interested in your assessment of my sense of humour. 

Otherwise, I hope you have fun and don't forget to visit the shop and buy stuff so that I might eat.


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Why Is It?

Life is tough, people are jerks, I keep biting the inside of my mouth & no one seems to care.


You're alive, you have a running water, sanitation, vaccines & you have access to the internet during a golden age of memes.


Things could be worse, so the least you can do is smile, laugh, be nice, and

Try Not To Be A Cunt